Mod Squad Polka Spots Lap Quilt - Fun and Modern

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This quilt is for the polka-dot fans out there who love bright, fresh, and fun color combinations! This quilt would be a fabulous addition to any daycare center, kindergarten, classroom, the picnic park, or, simply over your lap on the porch.  As a Canadian parent, may I suggest taking this one at the hockey rink?

A hot pink and small white polka-dot border surrounds the inner panel allowing for the larger spots to "pop"!  A neutral grey binding around the edge keeps the eye focused on the center of the quilt. The back of the quilt is also a hot-pink polka dot.  Hang it on the wall, put it on a bed, or along the back of a solid black, white, or grey sofa.  

This quilt measures approximately 29" x 47".

Thank you for your visit to my shop!  Everything within this shop is crafted in a home-studio located in the seaside community of St. Margaret's Bay which runs along the south-eastern shores of Nova Scotia CANADA.


This is my hobby. I am very fortunate to work from home, so I sneak back and forth from my sewing machines to a computer to create unique quilted treasures of all types and sizes. 

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